Any graduate from a recognised university with minimum 50% pass percentage.

Year 1

Course Code Course title Discipline Specific Electives Additional Certifications
LMA 101 Introduction to Journalism & Mass Communication - Film Appreciation
LMA 102 Reporting Techniques - -
LMA 103 Writing and Editing for Print Media - Creative Writing
LMA 104 Broadcast & Online Journalism - Documentary Writing Basics
LMA 105 Communication Skills - -
LMA 106 - Contemporary Issues -
LMA 107 - Television-Audio- Visual Medium -
Course Code Course title Discipline Specific Electives Additional Certifications
LMA 201 Media and Society - Sign Language
LMA 202 Media Ethics and Laws - -
LMA 203 Integrated Marketing Communication - Introduction to multimedia & its application
LMA 204 - Mobile Journalism -
LMA 205 - Event Management -
LMA 206 Practical - Print & Online - -
LMA 207 Practical - Audio & Video - -

Year 2

Course Code Course title Discipline Specific Electives Additional Certifications
LMA 301 Print Media - Crypto Basics
LMA 202 - Financial & Business Journalism -
LMA 303 Electronic Media - Photography
LMA 304 Digital Media - Web Designing
LMA 305 - Sports Journalism -
LMA 306 Advertising & Public Relations - MS Office
LMA 307 - Campaign Planning & Designing -
LMA 308 Brand Management - -
Course Code Course title Discipline Specific Electives Additional Certifications
LMA 401 Communication & Media Theories - -
LMA 402 Communication Research Methods - -
LMA 403 Entrepreneurial Journalism - Personal Branding
LMA 404 - Investigative Journalism -
LMA 405 - Media Planning & Buying -
LMA 406 Practical (Research Methodology) - -
LMA 407 Practical – Project Work - -

Additional Certifications

  • course

    Introduction to Multimedia and its application

    Texts, videos, graphics etc. can be used to present engaging stories. Learn how digital tools can be leveraged for both print and digital media.
  • additional

    Creative Writing

    Learn to express yourself through fiction, non-fiction or even poetry. The focus is on thinking outside the box and developing an original style of writing.
  • additional

    Film Appreciation

    Films connect people across cultures and beyond boundaries. Students interested in writing about films and the arts will benefit from the course as they understand the language used by filmmakers.
  • additional

    Personal Branding

    A strong personal brand can increase your market visibility and help you land a more rewarding job. If you wish to promote yourself as a personal brand, this course is for you.
  • additional

    MS Office

    This certification focuses on mastering Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Studies show employers allot high ratings to MS Office skill proficiency in potential recruits.
  • additional

    Documentary Appreciation

    Writing or filming documentaries requires high engagement and deep understanding of the subject. It also broadens perspectives and promotes long-form writing
  • additional

    Fundamentals of Web Designing

    From creating a simple HTML web page to design strategies to build a website, students learn the basics of what makes a web page attractive.
  • additional

    Basics of Portfolio Management & Crypto Currency Trader Certificate

    Financial news reporting now includes coverage of crypto currency trading news too. The course provides the basics of portfolio management with comprehensive cryptocurrency trading knowledge that will prove advantageous to content writers.
  • additional


    Learning to present your story through pictures requires passion as well as technical knowledge of lighting and shooting styles. Whether you want to take up photojournalism or just hone your hobby, the course will help you put your learnings into practice.

Fee Structure

Year Amount
Year 1 Rs. 2,54,000/-
(Rupees Two Lakh, Fifty-Four Thousand Only)
Year 2 Rs. 2,54,000/-
(Rupees Two Lakh, Fifty-Four Thousand Only)
Total Rs. 5,08,000/-
(Rupees Five Lakh, Eight Thousand Only)

*Inclusive of GST as applicable. Payment schedule & account details are available on the website,

**We recommend students enroll for the Master of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication (MAJMC) by IGNOU

Account Details for Fees Payment:

Name of Account Holder: Lexicon Institute of Media & Advertising a unit of LLPL

Bank Name: Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd

Bank A/c No: 5149073199

IFSC Code: KKBK0000730

Branch Name: Ramwadi