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Frameboxx 2.0

Frameboxx 2.0 offers media and animation education offering several courses in animation, visual effects, gaming, and other digital media-related fields. The company has a presence in multiple cities across India and has been in operation for over a decade. Frameboxx 2.0 aims to provide quality education and training to its students, with a focus on developing skills and talent for the animation and digital media industry. The company also offers placement assistance to its students and has tie-ups with several leading companies in the industry.
Students studying at the Lexicon Institute of Media and Advertising will be able to take advantage of learning the latest Animation & VFX courses being taught in Pune through Lexicon Media Institute’s partnership with Frameboxx 2.0. Students will also benefit from the industry-leading internships and employment possibilities being offered by Lexicon Media Institute and Frameboxx. Focusing on making students industry ready, the partnering institutes have chalked out plans to hold a variety of interesting Masterclasses, seminars, specialized modules, trending courses, and other activities. These collaborations will also give the students the chance to learn about the media and journalism sector from professionals in that field. The curriculum has already been created to mold students into professionals from the first day of their specific internships or careers. The partnership with Frameboxx 2.0 will further assist Lexicon Media Institute to keep students updated about the most recent Animation and VFX trends. These collaborations represent Lexicon's ongoing efforts to close the knowledge gap between academia and the business world by educating students to be productive employees in the rapidly changing animation sector.

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