Our Leadership Team

From The Chairman’s Desk


Chairman, The Lexicon Group

The Lexicon Group was conceived in 2006, with the mission of providing value-based education with highest standards of excellence. Staying true to our mission we have, over the past 16 years created over 10 plus educational institutes under the Lexicon umbrella-three high schools, eight preschools, an undergraduate college and a postgraduate college, catering to 16,000 plus students across Pune. Lexicon Group's motto 'Believe in Yourself' has been the hallmark of the group's attempt to reinforce student individuality. Our students’ uniqueness is further honed through our school curriculums which are rooted in educational psychologist, Professor Howard Gardner’s theory of ‘Eight Multiple Intelligences’

Our postgraduate offering, the Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence which aims at 'Inspiration, Innovation and Discovery' has been successful in combining a high degree of industry integration with an equal measure of entrepreneurial orientation. The institute has won accolades at both, national and international levels for its process driven systems. The Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management, our hospitality institute offer best-in-class infrastructure and more than a dozen additional certifications. It is also geared towards providing our students with maximum return on investment and the best fit industry placement.

The Group has now launched the Lexicon Institute of Media & Animation with an aim to introduce industry ready media professionals in the field. In keeping with the above credo, the institute has on its governing board and advisory council, respected media mavens. Our students are bound to benefit from the real-life experiences they bring to the institute.

A warm welcome to our new students!

From the president’s desk:


President - The Lexicon Group of Institutes and Chairman & MD - Pune Times Mirror, Civic Mirror & MultiFit

The Lexicon Group (established in 2006) has always looked towards the future even as it works hard for its success in the present. The group was amongst the first to realise the dire need for quality education in Pune city and set up the Lexicon International School. It paved the way for many others to follow suit. Today the group hosts an impressive list of educational offerings with its high schools and institutes of higher education. The Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence – a postgraduate management institute, has been rated amongst the best within the state.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, when the world was still grappling with growth issues, the Lexicon Group was busy stepping into several hitherto unchartered fields like health & fitness, research & innovation, online test preparations, lifestyle and media. Post pandemic we launched our first hospitality institute, the Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management. The common binding factor in all our ventures has been the Group’s desire to add ‘Value’ and create a distinctive presence in the chosen field.

It is with this goal of adding `Value’ that we are now setting up the Lexicon Institute of Media & Animation. The media institute aims to nurture responsible individuals who can lead the media spectrum from the forefront in the near future. We have many eminent dignitaries from the media, advertising and corporate world collaborating with us in this endeavour.

Not only will our students be equipped with the skills necessary to overcome the many challenges they will face on graduating from the institute but more importantly, our focus is to ensure they are prepared to represent the media in a world that is likely to be vastly different from ours.

Thank you and welcome to the Lexicon Institute of Media & Animation! The Institute of trailblazers!

From the Vice Chairman’s Desk:


Vice Chairman, The Lexicon Group & Director, Pune Times Mirror & Civic Mirror

‘The only constant in life is change’. At the Lexicon Group we believe every change should lead to further improvement. This philosophy has helped build an educational legacy and continues to inspire all those who have studied within the hallowed portals of various Lexicon institutions.

The Lexicon resolution is to provide ever-evolving quality education across every domain of knowledge. Our goal is to offer the best education system that challenges and enthuses the inquisitive and intellectual minds of India. The unique selling proposition (USP) for all our educational institutes including the schools, our management institute as well as the hospitality institute has been our focus on providing contemporary pedagogies.

We have been implementing global standards of education across the board at all our institutions so as to equip our students to deal effectively with the many trials and tribulations that they are likely to face as they step out into the world.

The Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence is already amongst the most admired higher education institutions in the state. We are confident of winning similar accolades for the newly launched, Lexicon Institute of Media & Animation that has already drawn up a detailed study and activity course for its scholars. An added advantage is the close-industry connection the institute has with people from journalism, advertising, corporate communications and press relations as also with the who’s who of India Inc.

I wish great success to all students of the Lexicon Institute of Media & Animation.

From the CEO’s Desk


Group CEO - The Lexicon Group of Institutes, EduCrack & Easy Recruit+, Associate Editor - Pune Times Mirror & Civic Mirror

The phrase, ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ first appeared in an 1839 play - Cardinal Richelieu by the British playwright Edward Bulwer-Lytton. Since then, the pen, a figure of speech for a free Press, has on many occasions proved to be a formidable force even defining the state of a nation.

A reaffirmation of media’s basic ideals has become a necessesity given just how inundated we are with information of all kinds, from all sides today. Having a well-trained and passionate media fraternity (press, marketing and advertising included) should be a given if all aspects of our media are to thrive.

That being said, launching an institute, the Lexicon Institute of Media & Animation in this case, to create media personnel who can fructify their client’s marketing and publicity goals and train journalists to report truthfully and objectively is a responsibility that requires determination and idealism. Fortunately, as the Lexicon Group’s past achievements indicate, the group has an equal mix of both. The institute’s philosophy of ‘Creating Media’s next generation of thought leaders’ is also an honest reflection of its commitment to the public and nation at large.

The Lexicon Group has always believed that it is critical that our scholars take pride in learning and developing in an inclusive environment respecting our cultural inheritance and each individuals' beliefs and value systems. At the Lexicon Institute of Media & Animation, we continue to hold on to our ideals of adding value and empowering our students to turn every adversity to advantage.

Supporting us in our endeavours are our longstanding relationships and partnerships with industry experts who, we are proud to say, comprise the institute’s senior leadership (Principal), faculty and board members. The institute’s students would do well to leverage the advantages of being in close contact with these media professionals, all of whom have shown keen interest in mentoring future media professionals.

Welcome to the Lexicon Institute of Media & Animation!

From the Principal’s Desk:


Principal, Lexicon Institute of Media & Animation

The in-built curiosity in us humans, naturally attunes us to knowing about the events and happenings around us. Media and its many manifestations simply refine this basic instinct and help us understand our world better.

Since we began work on the Lexicon Institute of Media & Animation, the team has intentionally revisited global and national media and advertising milieus. The introspection not only gave us a deeper understanding of the predominant and underlying media currents but also gave credence to our intent to set up an institute that efficaciously addresses the full spectrum of current and future media and mass communication perspectives. It also led to the development of our dynamic curriculum that supports all our program offerings-be it the 3 Year Program in Animation & Media Studies, 2 Year Program in Media Studies or our certification courses dealing in digital and new media opportunities.

While there is no denying that our goal is to build an institution that sets a standard for others to follow, the driving force remains the passion to be a part of a flourishing media and marketing world. Taking on a role as educators and facilitators to future media professionals is one that comes with great responsibility considering the hair-splitting subtleties that drive public opinion. However, it’s a role we are well equipped to take on.

The Institute of Media & Animation is backed by Lexicon Group’s strong focus on academics. The fact that our esteemed governing and advisory board members, all of whom have done path breaking work in their fields, are just as passionate about providing superlative education is a huge boost to our enthusiasm. Further, our ever-growing number of national and international academic partnerships ensures our students are exposed to varied real-life experiences as well.

Do connect with me and my team to know more. We are excited and can’t wait to welcome students onboard. What you learn here, will take you places!

From the Registrar’s Desk:


Registrar - The Lexicon Group of Institutes & Controller of Examination - Lexicon Institute of Media & Animation, Lexicon MILE & Lexicon IHM Printer & Publisher- Pune Times Mirror

As we welcome you to Lexicon Institute of Media and Animation, our hearts are filled with optimism and hope. The Lexicon Group is a brilliant example of undaunted perseverance to deliver quality education. Lexicon Institute of Media and Animation is optimistic of delivering on our promise, and full of hope that our students too will work towards achieving their full potential.

Over the past few years, we have revamped and delivered seamless digital learning engagements to the country's youth, satisfying their thirst for knowledge in this ever-evolving world. The Media & Animation Institute will also offer an alternative and augmentative education ecosystem to ensure no loss in learning while equipping and empowering the next-generation leaders of the media and Animation domains. Our vision is based on hard work, transparent communication and a strong emphasis on transforming empowered and dynamic individuals into ‘Day-Zero Professionals’. We are sure our students, no matter where they are placed professionally, will flourish through ingenuity, excellence and hard work. The Group’s guiding maxim, 'Believe in Yourself' is truly our guiding principle.

As you start your journey at Lexicon Institute of Media and Animation, I expect you to be persistent in your efforts to enhance your academics, communication skills, and attitude to a level befitting a successful professional. We are excited to welcome you to the Lexicon family and commit to assisting you at every step as you embark on your journey to excellence.

From the Desk of Director Placements and Corporate Connect


Director, Placements & Corporate Connect, Lexicon Institute of Media & Animation, Lexicon MILE & Lexicon IHM

Lexicon Institute of Media and Animation is designed to be a tech-enabled and future-ready media institute. The Institute not only offers courses in one of the most dynamic fields in the world, but also offers rich experiential training and continual industry exposure leading to excellent placements.

Our teaching and operation teams, with years of experience across media, lead the academic and technical charge. Our high-powered visiting faculty, from leading national media houses, can be trusted to prepare you for becoming a part of the industry.

With a host of institutes that form part of the Lexicon Group’s educational reach, we are honoured to enjoy an esteemed position with various corporates and media fraternity for years now. They form an important part of our industry exposure and placements by favouring our students over many others.

The Lexicon Group also includes media outlets like the Pune Mirror and Civic Mirror (Marathi) and has digital apps for the same. This helps our students become a part of all the events, activities, seminars, etc. that are organised regularly by our partners and get hands-on experience in handling media and advertising.

The industry itself is ever changing, with digital media as the frontrunner in every sphere. With a strong background in the same, as well as a brand-new program, facilities and industry exposure, we have no doubt that our program will help students land sound jobs.

From the Desk of Head Branding & Digital Marketing


Head - Branding & Marketing The Lexicon Group of Institutes & MultiFit

At Lexicon Institute of Media & Animation, we create an intellectual space for our students, encouraging them to question, explore, experiment, and inspire. I take pride in saying that we provide a contemporary and engaging learning environment for our students. We develop our students to be the best version of themselves and become the resilient, self-aware, ethical leaders that the world needs. We inspire students to enhance not only their own lives but the business community and society as a whole.

Lexicon Institute of Media & Animation aims to bring together committed, cognizant, and empowered individuals who want to change the world. The institute’s curriculum is designed to integrate theory with industrial application required in real-life and this should encourage you, dear student, to move beyond your comfort zone. Consistent, insightful, and encouraging feedback from the faculty and mentors will help you enhance your personal and professional skills. A more versatile and industry-ready ‘You’ will not only place you on a path of continuous growth for life but instil confidence in everything you do.

With my decade-long experience in educational branding, I strongly believe that laying a strong foundation with Lexicon Institute of Media and Animation is the best decision, not just for your academic growth but also for your holistic development. It is our resolve to train you to be a brand in yourself and to develop an authentic leadership style that is uniquely yours. As rightly said by Jeff Bezos, "A reputation is for a person, as a brand is for a company."

From the Desk of Admissions Director


Director - Admissions and Student Acquisition, Lexicon MILE, Lexicon IHM and Lexicon Institute of Media and Animation

At Lexicon Institute of Media and Animation, through the specially curated learning experience, we strive to imbibe the virtues of Confidence, Excellence and Leadership in our students while preparing them to become Day Zero Professionals. We offer them a perfect blend of academics and industrial exposure, nurturing their ingenuity to transform them into confident corporate team players with an innovative spirit. Apart from contemporary learning exercises, they are provided various practical opportunities through national events, conclaves, conferences, webinars, seminars, sports events, festivals etc., to hone and showcase their talents in a working environment.

With a holistic approach to education, we have created a robust educational ecosystem which enables the students to develop their skillsets and explore different areas of specialization through various in-house initiatives and collaboration with leading businesses in the media and advertising industry. We believe a student’s potential multiplies and magnifies when they become contributors to the entrepreneurial and professional ecosystem of India.

From the Desk of Admissions Head


Head - Admission, Lexicon Institute of Media and Animation and Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management.

At Lexicon Institute of Media and Animation, our strength lies in translating cutting-edge ideas into the practises which underpin our programs and allow our students to perform at their peak staying ahead of the competition. We offer specially curated courses with an advanced curriculum designed and evaluated by experts with a global vision for teaching and research. We strive to nurture a growth mindset in our students and help them realise their full potential, setting them up for sustainable success.

As your guide to Lexicon Institute of Media and Animation, it is my responsibility to ensure you, the new generation of aspirants, are up-to-date on the advances in the curriculum. With a combination of multi-level interactive learning, extensive networking opportunities, industry-monitored mentoring and experiential learning, state-of-the-art technology and a nurturing environment, we ensure that you are equipped and relevant for years to come.

As a part of our goal to ensure you are always future-ready, the Lexicon Institute of Media and Animation continues to support its students, faculty and alumni by having refresher courses and access to content libraries and industry experts.

It gives us, at the Lexicon Institute of Media and Animation, immense pleasure to support you and be a part of your fantastic journey of growth and success.